revolther / [ri-vohlt hur] / rɪˈvoʊlt-hɜr
revolther / [ri-vohlt hur] / rɪˈvoʊlt-hɜr
"Hospital in Gaza bombed, how do you even spin that evil?"
Terror Hospital

NBC News forced to send Ayman Mohyeldin back to ‪#‎Gaza‬, as international outcry exposes the network for punishing its one honest journalist.
ABC World News with Diane Sawyer forced to issue an apology after showing shelled-out Gaza and claiming it was Israel, by an immediate and massive social media campaign.
BBC News forced to confront pro-Israel bias as 5,000 protesters shut down the streets surrounding its building.
Our side doesn’t have a monopoly on millions of eyeballs, but those who do should know we’re watching them too. Stand with Palestine, by any means necessary!


Whole families are killed in israeli strikes on Gaza , bombing houses have resulted in the despair of 30 families (reports say) and this is one of these stories :

The Abu Jarads died together. Eight of them. They were nestled into the second-floor bedroom of their family home in northeastern Gaza when the Israeli artillery shell came crashing through the wall.
They sat close to one another. Abdel Rahman and his wife, Raja, along with their two children, 6-month-old Moussa and two year-old Haneya. Abdel Rahman’s brother, Naim, and his 1-year-old son, Sameeh. And Abdel Rahman’s two other siblings, Ahlam, 15, and Summer, 13. Five of the eight are children.(x)

Yesterday , israeli have continued its goals in killing people in Gaza , other families died together in Shaj’ya massacre ( 60 people mostly children killed at least in one night in the neighborhood) 

Funded by the United States to the tune of over 3 billion dollars a year in military weaponry and hardware!
"They wanna make me feel guilty. Coz I put on a nice suit jacket, went down and talked on the corner about Europe, coz I got three fancy beers worth drunk, coz I came home in a good mood and THEY chose to fight."
But I’m not gonna feel bad. I feel pretty, other worldly beautiful , like Erika Badu.
"Yeah I can design you an app, but you understand the going price is about 30,000 dollars right."
"One can divide those who are intent on overthrowing society into the ones who want to gain something for themselves, and the ones who want to gain it for their children and grandchildren. The latter are the more dangerous; for they have faith, and the good conscience of selflessness. The others can be diverted: the ruling society is still rich and clever enough for that. Danger begins when goals become impersonal; revolutionaries whose interest is impersonal may regard all defenders of the existing order as having a personal interest, and may therefore feel superior to them."
Friedrich Nietzsche, Human All Too Human  (via levantineviper-archive)

Mead Schaeffer